Cushioned Seat-Belt Protection Cover

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Let your kids rest during travel

Do you feel guilty when you see one of your kids fast asleep in the back seat of your car, slumped uncomfortably over a scratchy nylon seat-belt? Do your children complain at putting on their seat-belts because the strap is too hot from being in the sun?

The Cushioned Seat-Belt Protection Cover will keep your kids calm, relaxed, and cozy during long or short distance car rides. Made of plush micro-suede fabric, the easy-to-install sleeping pillow attaches to the seat-belt strap and gently cradles your child’s head while keeping him safe and secure. The Seat-Belt Cover Children’s Pillow is 100% washable, will never shrink or stretch, and comes in a variety of colors so each kid can have their own. 

Zzzzz, car-napping has never been more comfortable!


    • Length: 28cm
    • Weight: 90g
    • Width: 12cm
    • Colors: gray,pink,blue,red,yellow

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